International Nursing

International Nursing Exchange

The International Nursing Exchange Program is dedicated to enriching the education of nursing students. The experience provides opportunities to practice in diverse health communities as part of a multidisciplinary team and to learn about health care disparities around the world. By showing how cultural values and health are interconnected and an integral part of healthcare delivery, nursing students improve their cultural competency while providing care to individuals with little to no access to health care in underserved communities.

This Program supports U.S. nursing students during hands-on experiences in Huế and Nam Dong, Vietnam, collaborating with and sharing clinical expertise and skills with their nursing counterparts at the Hue University Medical School, Faculty of Nursing. Groups of U.S. and Vietnamese nursing students, supervised by U.S. and Vietnamese nursing instructors, work together and learn from each other over the course of 1-2 weeks, providing clinical care and healthcare education in hospitals and commune clinics, schools and homes.

“I always thought of myself as a culturally sensitive person who is aware of the vast health and wealth disparities locally and globally, however this trip really opened my eyes.”

International Nursing Scholarships

This program funds scholarships for nursing students in developing countries, such as Vietnam.

In central Vietnam, marked by rugged terrain and poor economy, the Faculty of Nursing at Hue University is the only nursing school. Bright young women from rural communes around Hue wish to pursue the nursing profession but lack the means to pay for tuition or the associated costs of schooling, such as housing, transportation or books. These financial hardships are especially marked for women of ethnic minority groups who typically live in the most remote communes and fall far below the poverty line.

ConnectMed offers scholarships to nursing students from rural communes and minority groups that meet specific academic and financial criteria.

Scholarship Recipients