Nursing and Medical Scholarships

Rural communes in central Vietnam are marked with rugged terrain that isolates residents and poor economy. Access to healthcare is difficult, and hospitals and clinics are overburdened with the number of patients needing care.

Nurses and doctors are in high demand because they can provide care for the most prevalent conditions – such as hypertension and Dengue Fever– and promote prevention measures through education and immunizations.

Hue University provides the only nursing and medical school in the area. Bright young people from these rural communes wish to pursue these in-demand professions but lack the means to pay for tuition or the associated costs of schooling, such as housing, transportation or books.

It is our pleasure to support students from low-income, mostly rural families who demonstrate financial hardship, strong academics and an intent to return to their home communities to provide care. Most of our scholarship recipients are the first in their families to attend college and work to support themselves.   In return, they may work with and guide our International Health Exchange Program students from the U.S. during their collaborative experiences in diverse medical settings.

Your support can help these amazing young people pursue their community-enhancing professions. Your gift goes far in making a difference. For example:

$33 buys textbooks for a semester semester

$55 buys one month of tuition at Hue University

$120 buys one month of rent, school meals and transportation to and from school

$250 buys a semester of tuition at Hue University

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