Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine technology is simply a camera, microphone, and videoscreen connected to the internet to enable real time communication between two locations.  In the global healthcare context, it can transform how effectively we deliver medical care, especially in remote areas, and the educational experiences we can provide to medical students and trainees.

Medical tool: supports sustainable, multidisciplinary care. Our network of specialists can remotely provide patient care in collaboration with healthcare partners at our international sites.

Educational tool: We broadcast telemedicine conferences live to universities, medical students or professionals in the U.S. and abroad. The interactive conferences consist of academic presentations, clinical interviews with patients and opportunities to view surgeries directly over the surgical field.

Telemedicine provides exposure to surgical cases, conditions and approaches that improve overall professional abilities. These experiences also improve providers’ cultural competency by giving them opportunities to care for patients and families in an effective, and culturally sensitive manner.