Scholarship Programs

Visiting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar Program supports the research and training of healthcare specialists from the communities we serve, and provides them with opportunities they may not otherwise have.  Low-income countries need more surgeons in order to improve accessibility to safe surgical care. According to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery: by 2030, the world needs to train an additional 1.27 million AND scale up to 5000 major operations per 100,000 in order to meet benchmarks for positive health outcomes.

The goal of the Visiting Scholar Program is to support the training of surgeons and other specialists so that they eventually train others in their communities and build up local programs.

Dr. Wone Banda

Dr. Wone Banda is ConnectMed’s first Visiting Scholar. She is a native of Lilongwe, Malawi and is the country’s first natively trained plastic surgery resident. We have supported her in research and specialized surgical training opportunities not available in Malawi, including experiences in the U.S., New Zealand, Scotland and, soon, Mexico.

“My hope is to take all my training and research experiences and develop a more holistic, multidisciplinary service for my country’s children.”


Plastic Surgery Residents

The Visiting Scholarship Program is also available to plastic surgery residents, and other specialists in training, who have expressed an interest in meeting their home communities’ needs for specialty care.

Residents from different parts of Mexico have travelled to Tijuana for intensive, hands-on surgical training during our surgical “jornadas’ (work days) and at other hospitals in the area. These Visiting Scholars have the opportunity to collaborate with U.S. residents on the ConnectMed team, and to experience –and hopefully feel inspired by – cross-border medical teamwork that benefits those who would otherwise not have access to specialty care.


Research Scholarship Program

ConnectMed Research Scholarship Award supports significant research in any of the multidisciplinary specialties involved in the treatment and care of congenital or acquired deformities or traumatic injuries. We support applicants with demonstrable financial need and interest in providing care to the needy in their communities.
This award provides funds to support:
– an applicant from a low or middle income country
– in presenting original research at a scientific conference, and if applicable, publishing this research in a scientific journal.

The applicant must be medical student, graduate student, post-graduate physician in training actively enrolled in a training program, or a physician or allied health professional with an active license.

The research must relate to ConnectMed’s goals of furthering multidisciplinary, sustainable surgical care for patients with congenital or acquired deformities or traumatic injuries.

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