Get Involved as a Volunteer

CMI encourages participation from volunteers with medical experience and those with non-medical experience!   

In our effort to provide team-based, multidisciplinary care, CMI is always eager to add enthusiastic physicians, nurses, surgical and medical technicians, speech therapists, nutritionists, audiologists, orthodontists, lactation specialists, psychologists and the like to our team.   

Of course, CMI is also an organization and, as such, need volunteers for operational support, especially those skilled or interested in finance/accounting, marketing, social media outreach, IT support, websitemaintenance, graphic design, fundraising, grant-writing, community outreach, event planning and support,tracking patient data and outcomes, photography/videography and much, much more! 

And remember: don’t limit your volunteer experience to only the area(s) in which you have a professional background. An anesthesiologist might have an interest in fundraising, or a speech therapist might make a fabulous videographer!


Get Involved as a Volunteer

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As a nonprofit organization, CMI cannot succeed without volunteers for operational/executive support, especially those skilled or interested in the following: (Please check at least one)
Submit your CV, Medical License, DEA License, Malpractice Certifications, and/or Pals Certification