August 12, 2016
August 12, 2016
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Heidy’s mom, Uvel, was shocked when she saw her daughter’s cleft lip after a C-section delivery.  Her OBGYN told her the condition was treatable, but failed to refer her to anyone.  Heidy had difficulty latching on for breastfeeding because of her condition and even had difficulty taking a bottle.  Uvel took Heidy a nutritionist because she was underweight, who then referred her to an orthodontist in San Cristobal for the NAM device.  Although a relative with a cleft child had told her about Dr Cuellar, she had difficulty locating him and contacting him because she has little access to technology and information and lives about an hour outside of Tuxtla.  Finally, she was introduced to someone from a cleft support group in Tuxtla, who helped her get an appointment with Dr. Cuellar.  “It would be nice for moms like us to have someone outline steps and give some guidance.”