August 12, 2016
August 12, 2016
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Joselyn was born with a left cleft lip and palate.  She is a bright 13 year old girl who has been treated by the Multidisciplinary Cleft Palate team at the Hospital Infantil in Tijuana for several years. One of Joselyn’s biggest challenges is learning how to improve her speech.  Despite her intelligence, Joselyn is somewhat difficult to understand due to the speech problems created by her cleft palate.  Children born with cleft palate require extensive speech therapy after the palate is surgically repaired to learn how to use their palate correctly and to speak clearly.  Joselyn’s family lives in Tijuana and is very poor.  She frequently travels with her mother to clean houses in Rosarito so that they can support her younger siblings.  Due to a lack of funding and her busy life, it is difficult for Joselyn to receive the speech therapy that she needs.  Joselyn is one of the first patients from Tijuana who has started to benefit from receiving more frequent speech therapy via telemedicine videoconference through the ConnectMed International network.


Joselyn was also one of the first patients at the Hospital Infantil to undergo an innovative procedure for alveolar bone grafting using bone morphogenic protein sponge.  This surgery was performed by a ConnectMed International surgical team at the Hospital Infantil in Tijuana in August of 2009.  Joselyn had an excellent result from her bone grafting procedure and is now in orthodontic treatment.