August 12, 2016
August 12, 2016
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Lozi was a 15 month old toddler with cleft lip who was first seen during CMI’s visit to the African Bible College (ABC) Community Clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi in February 2013.  At that time, she was not eligible for surgery because she was malnourished.  This is a common problem for infants born with cleft lip and palate because they have difficulty breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.  Although the team could not operate on Lozi until she was better nourished, ConnectMed did provide Lozi’s mother with special bottles and feeding techniques. Despite having to care for several other children and enduring the unexpected death of her husband, Lozi’s mother continued to care for Lozi and worked with Dr. Young at the ABC Clinic.  She brought Lozi into the clinic nearly every month for dietary consults and physical exams.  This mother’s love and perseverance to give her daughter a better life resulted in success: Lozi was ConectMed’s first patient during the May 2014 trip. As soon as mom saw her baby sitting up in bed with her new smile she started cheerfully jumping, smiling and giving thanks!  She gave hugs to Dr. Young and then held her baby tight. We congratulate Lozi’s mother for making such great sacrifices for her child and for not giving up even in the midst of personal loss.