ConnectMed jornada at the DIF Clinic in Tecate, Mexico
February 14, 2016
First trips to Tecate, Mexico
March 12, 2016
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Mexico City

Drs. Amanda Gosman, Alicia Sigler and Samuel Lance, and Rita Albert traveled to Mexico City in January 2016 to participate in the surgery of Dana, a ConnectMed patient from Tijuana with Moebius Syndrome.  ConnectMed arranged for her to receive facial animation surgery with microsurgeon Dr. Alex Cardenas at the Hospital General Gea Gonzalez, and supported her travel and accommodation expenses, as well as some of the surgical costs.  Movimento Moebius, a local support group, helped find lodging for Dana and transported her to pre-op appointments, and Dr. Cardenas donated his time to evaluate her and perform the surgery.  Dana is a happy, talkative and optimistic 9-year old girl, and she was eagerly looking forward to surgery.  Under the skillful expertise of Dr. Cardenas and his team, the surgery was a success and Dana began recovering quickly. In fact, at two days post-op she could already move her facial muscles towards a smile, could speak more clearly and even announced she wanted to grow up to be a plastic surgeon and work with Dr. Sigler.  Stay tuned for updates as she continues to heal and progress with therapy!

Dana before surgery and Dana’s surgical team. 


Two day post surgery.

While in Mexico City, the ConnectMed team also scrubbed in with renown plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Molina of Hospital Angeles, to exchange clinical expertise in reconstructive surgical practices.

Drs. Gosman, Sigler and Lance presented on craniofacial surgery, cleft lip repair and telemedicine at the conference, “Association of Residents and Ex-Residents of Dr. Ortiz Monasterio” conference.  Dr. Ortiz Monasterio is the founding father of plastic surgery in Mexico, trained generations of plastic surgeons around the world and is a pioneer of craniofacial surgery in Latin America.  He also deeply believed in “giving back” and instilled the spirit of philanthropy in many of his trainees. ConnectMed had a booth at the conference, networking with many doctors and residents from Mexico and other parts of Latin America interested in collaborating and volunteering with us to facilitate multidisciplinary care and follow-up.