Nursing Scholarships: Gifts Inspiring Change

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June 20, 2017
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June 20, 2017
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Nursing Scholarships: Gifts Inspiring Change


The rural communes in central Vietnam are marked with rugged terrain that isolates residents and poor economy. Access to healthcare is difficult, and hospitals and clinics are overburdened with the number of patients needing care.

Nurses are in high demand because they can provide care for the most prevalent conditions – such as hypertension and Dengue Fever– and promote prevention measures through education and immunizations.



The Faculty of Nursing at Hue University is the only nursing school. Bright young women from rural communes around Hue wish to pursue the nursing profession but lack the means to pay for tuition or the associated costs of schooling, such as housing, transportation or books. Tuition alone is $50/month, but income at the poverty line is $30/person/month. The government does not subsidize schooling for nursing, which is still regarded by many as a secondary profession.



We are proud to have been selected as one of the featured programs in the Alternative Gifts’ “Gifts Inspiring Change” catalog. A gift at the following levels can make a real impact in the daily lives of these young women:

  • $30 – 5 textbooks/semester
  • $50 – one month of tuition of nursing school at Hue University
  • $120 – one month of rent, school meals and transportation to and from school for nursing student
  • $225 – a semester of tuition of nursing school at Hue University

To inspire change please give a gift here.