Nursing Scholarships

This program funds scholarships for nursing students in resource-limited countries.

Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing is the only nursing school in central Vietnam, which is marked by rugged terrain and poor economy.  Young women and men from rural communes around Hue wish to pursue the nursing profession to improve their lives as well as the lives of their families and communities. However, they lack the means to pay for tuition or the associated costs for schooling, such as housing, transportation, or books.  These financial hardships are especially marked for students of ethnic minority groups who typically live in the most remote communes.

Through this program, ConnectMed is able to offer on average 10 scholarships per year to nursing students from rural communes that meet specific academic and financial criteria. Although we currently only partner with Hue University in Vietnam, we are hoping to expand and partner with other sites in the future.

The scholarship is so meaningful to me and many students like me.  It helps a lot with my life as a student…I promise I will make an effort to make the world more beautiful.

– Hue University Nursing Student