Comprehensive Care

Surgical and comprehensive medical care of patients from resource-limited communities, by partnering with and supporting their local healthcare professionals (HCP’s).  We strive to ensure that patients have access to critical post-surgical care by their own HCP’s, including speech therapy, orthodontic care and psychosocial support for patients and their families.



“By 2030, the world needs to train an additional 1.27 million surgeons AND scale up to 5,000 major operations per 100,000 in order to meet benchmarks for positive health outcomes” – The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

The demand for specialized care is greater than what the local health care infrastructure can provide in many parts of the world.  We strive to address this demand through providing healthcare professionals who arenative to and practicing in resource-limited communities with educational and training opportunities.  We “train the trainers” so that the educational impact can multiply and benefit thousands of patients in a given community or region.


We offer financial support for ongoing projects in regional and/or global domains.  Our research starts with support and mentorship for scholars from resource-limited communities and their specific research interests through fellowships.  The end goal is to help develop capacity-building research projects with collaborators across the globe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified closing the gap between surgical supply and demand as a global health priority. It has called on organizations in high-income countries to work alongside low-income partners and build resilient health systems.

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