Outreach Program by Country

Multidisciplinary Healthcare & Follow-Up

We provide surgical and follow-up care upon the invitation of, and in close partnership with, healthcare professionals working in the host community. This partnership ensures that patients receive follow-up care with local providers in the months following surgery.

Our outreach also involves consultations or treatment with a range of specialists to ensure that patients receive the standard of care essential for full recovery.

Successful treatment of patients afflicted with cleft and other craniofacial deformities, burns and traumatic injuries requires numerous surgeries. Recovery also requires follow-up from a team of specialists – orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists and the like.

ConnectMed’s approach to multidisciplinary, follow-up care includes:

  • Inviting specialists to join our volunteer medical team caring for patients at a partner site. ConnectMed also supports “Visiting Professors”, specialists renown in their respective fields visiting from other cities or countries.
  • Using telemedicine to facilitate post-operative care remotely.
  • Underwriting the costs of multidisciplinary care provided by local specialists to patients in their own community – such as funding specialized eye surgeries or self–esteem camps for our cleft patients.