What is the Smile 4 Kids Campaign?

Each month of 2021, ConnectMed will feature a different cause close to our hearts and our mission that you can champion and support. Learn more about the cause, volunteer and/or give…and help us as we Smile 4 Kids! 

Join ConnectMed and La Jolla, CA eateries, Dough Momma Pizzeria, Shore Rider and Cove House, as we bring smiles and support to San Diego kids with craniofacial conditions! 



In honor of National Doctors’ Day (March 30) and Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 14-19), our Smile 4 Kids cause this March is #OperatingWithCare: raising awareness and funds to support our partner surgeons and other specialists providing charitable care around the world for low-income children.

We are also thrilled to launch our first in a series of 2021 logowear: #OperatingWithCare masks and mask lanyards. Masks are charcoal gray and made out of a super soft Tencel blend.

Make a donation of at least $30 this month and we will mail you a mask & lanyard combo! DONATE HERE

You can also make your gift in the name of a special doctor who is a Healthcare Hero to your child or family. Tell us why he/she is special to you in the donation form, and we will send him/her an acknowledgement and a mask with lanyard!

February’s cause is SELF-LOVE…which means appreciating yourself
and prioritizing your own well-being and happiness. 

Our Camp Cosmos programs include discussions and activities that help young people with visible differences and their families figure out what self-love looks like to them. These strategies are critical to mental health, and are so important as we continue to navigate through these times of uncertainty, isolation, and the influences of social media. 

Read this month’s blog. Volunteer to help out with one of our Camp Cosmos programs. And show your support by donating Here.

You can support us and local restaurants by enjoying these delicious Smile 4 Kids Kits:

$10 from every Smile 4 Kids Kit benefits ConnectMed. These Kits serve 4 people and include a variety of Mexican dishes to build the perfect taco, cookies, 6 margaritas plus more! Lots of leftovers likely! Delivery for Shore Rider can be made through www.shoreridersd.com or through Door Dash 

10% of every Smile 4 Kids Kit ORDER USING PROMO CODE: 4KIDS benefits ConnectMed. Enjoy TWO large pizzas and six free garlic knots! Delivery for Dough Momma can be made through  www.mommalikely.com or through Door Dash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and PostMates.