Dr. Damian Runs so Dana Can Smile
July 31, 2016
August 12, 2016
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Sofia was born with a cleft lip and palate and lives with her grandmother in an indigenous village 3 hours ourside of Tuxtla.   Grandma too feels fortunate because she was referred to a San Cristobal orthodontist and then Dr. Cuellar, who performed her cleft lip by 1 yo. with “perfect results”.   She knows a girl who received surgical care by an American mission group in San Cristobal but had “terrible” results.  Now the mom is too afraid to seek additional care and keeps her daughter shut inside the home.   Grandma’s message to health care porviders:  “please do the job right, like Dr. Cuellar, and let everyone know where all services are provided.”




Sofia and her grandmother travel to two separate locations, each at least 2 hours from their village, for orthodontic consultations and speech therapy, and she practices every speech exercises every day at home.  Other families she knows with cleft children only get surgeries without the follow-up consultations, and she sees that the results are not as good.