The Value of Research

Research is an essential component of global health policy outreach, interaction, and implementation.  It is a critical element for educational program development, health care capacity building, and optimization of community specific patient care.  Research and scholarly inquiry provide the link for understanding need, action, and outcome for global health care.

CMIRA (ConnectMed International Research Arm) combines financial support for ongoing projects in regional and/or global domains.  We also support and mentor scholars and their specific research interests through Fellowships, as well as develop ConnectMed-specific research projects with collaborators across the globe.

The impact of direct patient care may touch hundreds of patients. The impact of training local providers to provide care in their communities may benefit thousands of patients. The impact of doing research to look at surgical outcomes and evidenced-based approach to care in each specific community has the potential to benefit​ hundreds of thousands of individuals. This multiplier effect of research is where many of the interests of CMIRA are focused.